Railways: Industrial Action Threatened before Congress

If you’re attending the IAML Congress in Cambridge (31 July – 4 August), you’ll have felt a certain dismay at news announcements of threatened strikes by railway workers. The final threatened strike in July is on the 29th of the month – unless you’re going early, you may escape the disruption. However, bear in mind that trains which didn’t run on 29th may well be in the wrong part of the country on 30th, so the problems could continue before things eventually settle down again. If you’re in the UK, you may well have decided to go by train. International IAML members will arrive in the UK by whatever means, but will then have to get to Cambridge, so they too may experience some – ahem! – turbulence on the railway system.

There is always the hope that the industrial dispute will be settled before the end of July! (The BBC News is a good place to look for updates) However, buses begin to seem like a good alternative, don’t they?!

Anyone arriving by air is best advised to go to their airport’s website and look for the travel pages:-

  • Heathrow – Transport and Directions
  • Gatwick – To and From
  • Stansted – Getting To and From
  • Luton – To and From LLA

Luckily, many of the Congress delegates are seasoned travellers, so will doubtless take this all in their stride. We’ll try to keep you posted, but too many updates just run the risk of causing more confusion, so we’ll try to strike a balance!

Re-published from IAML UK & Irl’s blog.

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